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Dr. Viji, Family Dental PracticeGentle Care at Family Dental Practice

Dr. Vijayalakshmi Jesson has over 20 years of experience as a dental provider. Raised in a family of surgeons, family practitioners and medical specialists, Dr. Viji was inspired to become a dentist after working with her uncle and seeing the blend of artistry and patient care intertwine within the profession.

Initially attending dental school in Tamilnadu, India at Annamalai University, she practiced abroad before moving to the United States. Once here, she re-took her second through fourth years of dental school at NYU, graduating in 1997. During school, she managed an implantology office and assisted during surgeries.

A Special Mission for Her Patients

Without proper dental care, a person can completely lose their self-confidence. Dr. Viji’s goal is to help you restore both your comfort as well as your self-esteem by enhancing the look and feel of your teeth.

“One of the things that really touched me was when a patient hugged my daughter and said, ‘Your mom brought smiling back into my life.’…It really makes me proud to be in this profession.”

Most of her patients also make note of her exceptional gentleness during even the most complex of dental procedures.

To stay abreast of the very best in patient care, Dr. Viji regularly attends continuing education courses to update her technological skills and treatment methods. She is also a member of the Southern Maryland Dental Association.

A Full-Time Mom

Away from work, Dr. Viji and her husband Robert are constantly involved in their two daughter’s extracurricular activities. Whether it’s shuffling everyone to church, swimming, or camps, they’re always on the move!

Each year, Dr. Viji works with other children in the community by providing free clinical evaluations at local Gaithersburg elementary schools.

It’s Time for a Change in Your Smile

Experience the comfort of a dentist who always has your best interests and emotions at heart. Contact Family Dental Practice in Gaithersburg today to schedule your first visit with us!

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